Rusted Door Frames In Louisiana

Have you ever wondered how many rusted steel door frames exist in the state of Louisiana? The exact answer is unknown, but it is likely to number into the tens of thousands.


Steel door frames, aka hollow metal frames or man door frames are a construction staple. They have been around for decades and the total number in use numbers easily into the millions. One estimate suggests as many as 1,000,000 new steel door frames are produced annually. Many of these are used for interior applications and, as such, are less susceptible to rust than frames in exterior openings. But, regardless, at these volumes it is easy to see how there could readily be tens of thousands of rusted frames in exterior door openings.

Steel door frames rust as a result of exposure to moisture. They rust from the inside out due to moisture trapped inside the frame from precipitation, humidity, even water trapped after flood waters recede. Many exterior frames are filled with cement which acts like a sponge to trap moisture in intimate contact with the inside of the frame. Given enough time the moisture attacks the metal and corrodes the frame.

Climate conditions in Louisiana are ideal for creating frame rust. The combination of humidity and temperature ranks Louisiana the 3rd highest state in annual atmospheric moisture content. And Louisiana ranks 1st in total annual precipitation. These are ideal conditions for creating corroded steel frames.

If you have a rusted frame, the choices for correcting the condition fall in one of two choices. A full replacement of the frame which can easily run more than $1,000 per opening or repair the rusted portion of the frame with the Jamb Patch product.

Repair of the frame besides savings several hundred dollars per opening, brings the added benefit of reducing materials going into the waste stream.

So do yourself a favor, repair rather than replace your rusted frames with the Jamb Patch repair kits.