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How to Install Your Jamb Patch: 5 Easy Steps

Replace a Corroded Metal Door Jamb in 4 Steps

Series 1:

What Is the Root Cause of Corroded Metal Door Frames?

Why Is Corrosion a Problem for Commercial Door Frames?

Why Do Aluminum Door Frames Corrode?

How Does Concrete Slushing Compound the Dangers of Corroded Metal Door Frames?

Can I Stop or Slow Down Rust by Painting Over a Corroded Metal Door Frame?

How Much Corrosion Is Too Much for Your Commercial Door Frame?

Will a Galvanized or Galvannealed Door Frame Corrode?

Will Stainless Steel Door Frames Corrode?

Series 2:

How Do Corroded Metal Door Frames Jeopardize Safety?

How Can You Tell When Corrosion Has Compromised Building Security?

What Health Issues Are Associated With Corroded Metal Door Frames?

Is a Corroded Metal Door Frame to Blame for Your Rodent Infestation?

Is a Corroded Metal Door Frame Causing Your Insect Infestation?

How Can a Corroded Metal Door Frame Affect You Financially?

How Do Corroded Metal Door Frames Jeopardize Building Security?

Series 3:

How Can Drip Caps Prevent Metal Door Frame Corrosion?

Does Deicing Salt Cause Metal Door Corrosion?

Can Coastal Environments Influence Corrosion?

How Does Door Frame Corrosion Affect Building Security During Storms?

How Do Cleaning Chemicals Cause Door Frame Corrosion?

What Else Could Be Corroding My Metal Door Frame?

How Does Humidity Accelerate Metal Door Frame Corrosion?

Additional Posts:

How Does the Jamb Patch Benefit Community Pools?

Why Is My Metal Door Frame Still Corroding?