The Cost of Replacing a Rusted Steel Door Frame

Replacing a rusted metal door frame is one of the most common service calls a servicing door dealer receives. Steel frames eventually rust (often starting at the bottom of the frame jambs) and become unsightly, unsafe, and non-functional.  Jamb Patch Rust Repair Kits
Frame replacement is expensive, easily running into hundreds and thousands of dollars. Why so expensive? It is rarely the cost of the frame but the labor required to remove, install, and dispose of the old frame. Here are some typical costs:

Steel Door Frame Replacement Costs

Frame Size:
3070 - 36"W x 84"H
Labor (8) hrs. * (1) man * $75/hr.:   $600.00
New steel frame:                               $150.00
Trip charge & disposal:                     $150.00
Total cost:                                          $900.00
    6070 - 72"W x 84"H
    Labor (8) hrs. * (2) men * $75/hr.:   $1,200.00
    New double steel frame:                   $150.00
    Trip charge & disposal:                      $150.00
    Total cost:                                           $1,550.00

      Repair Instead of Replace

      The cost of replacement is one of the reasons the Doorinnovation Jamb Patch was developed. We recognized that while a frame will eventually rust, the rusted section(s) are a small part of an otherwise perfectly good door frame. There is no need to replace the complete frame. All that is required is a robust repair solution, i.e., one that is cost effective and could restore the frame to its original appearance and operating condition.

      Doorinnovation’s Jamb Patch kits save you hundreds of dollars by avoiding the unnecessary cost of replacing the entire frame. The kits are designed to be installed using basic tools, and anyone with good mechanical skills could implement the repair. For example, it is possible to repair the 3070 frame noted above for less than $200, that is a $700 savings for a single opening. The 6070 frame could potentially be repaired and save you more than $1,300. For those customers that would rather have someone perform the repair work for them, a door dealer, locksmith, handyman, or facility maintenance company would all be capable of performing the repair.

      If you are looking for a cost effective solution for door frame rust, check out the Jamb Patch product.