Metal Door Frame Damage

Commercial doors and frames are heavily used. A typical entry door at a high-volume retail store could see hundreds of thousands of cycles per year. High volume applications are found in other types of facilities, such as schools, hospitals, universities, hotels, convention centers, and other buildings. In many instances, it is not just people moving through these openings but shopping carts and luggage as well. In other instances, the store employees and vendors may be using the same entrances to bring goods into the facility. In all these cases, there is a high risk of impact to the door frame which can lead to damage.

Door frames are engineered to resist impact. The typical steel door frame is manufactured from 16-gauge steel. This material is almost 1/16" thick, and exceedingly strong. The typical aluminum door frame is manufactured from aluminum tube with wall thicknesses approaching 1/8" thick. Engineers know impact is a given, so strength is part of the design to prolong the life of the frame.

Even though metal door frames are designed for long service life, repeated impacts eventually take a toll. In a worst-case scenario, the frame breaks loose from its anchor points. This compromises the structural integrity of the door system and can lead to inoperable doors or in some instances, injury to people passing through the opening. It is imperative that door systems always remain solidly anchored .

Another source of frame damage can come from forced entry. A frame and door system can be damaged by someone using a pry bar or other device to break into a facility.

The Jamb Patch door jamb repair kit is used to repair steel door frames that have become damaged due to impact or forced entry.

The Jamb Anchor door jamb repair kit is used to repair aluminum door frames that have lost integrity through forced entry or corrosive attack.

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